Every year, flooring exhibitions are held all over the world, which showcase innovations in the field of interior decoration. But who, no matter how the designers themselves, is the best to know what customers love and what trends are annually brought to the TOP by certain coatings.

Such trends make themselves known by the end of the year, and an attentive person will immediately understand what to expect from the market and buyers in 2021.

At first glance, this may seem surprising, but judging by the latest trends, private home owners and businessmen are increasingly returning to naturalness, eco-style elements and natural materials. And this is despite the periodic appearance of all new artificial analogs, which so reliably imitate their natural predecessors.


In the new year, you will not have to look for a compromise between high wear resistance and fashion compliance, because natural floor coverings fully possess these qualities. Outwardly, they are luxurious and at the same time completely simple, but their technical characteristics will envy even the most durable synthetic flooring products.


Wood interior decoration is a classic solution, and today it has become a real art. The wood has a pronounced character, but even it was managed to "tame", creating floors with a soft and calm surface.

It all depends on the type of wood, with it everything takes on a new meaning and image. In addition, it is not only safe for people, but also has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person, adding pleasant aromas of the forest to the air.

Planks made of precious woods are always in fashion, they symbolize the status and refined taste of the owner, but their cost is quite high. Therefore, when buying parquet, you can take a closer look at the domestic maple, which fits perfectly into many design solutions.

Cork is a bit apart from all types of wood. This coverage has no analogues and is an excellent option for a private house. Cork is considered a natural sound deadener and was previously used exclusively as a backing. In addition, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot, because such a floor is very warm and resilient.


Stone surfaces are not suitable for all homes, because with their whole appearance they project luxury and majesty, and it is quite difficult to keep to the edge here. When trying to create a light atmosphere, you can turn your attention to the flooring and the effect won't work.

Pink gray marble has the opposite effect. Thanks to the "airy" pattern in its structure, a feeling of lightness and tenderness is created. This material is suitable for a variety of environments, including living rooms, corridors and bathrooms.

If you do not want to give all the space to the stone surface, then you can plan some zones. Marble flooring is very self-contained and makes it easy to zone important areas such as the cooking area, the floor around the fireplace, and other places where you want to hold your attention.

Terrazzo occupies a special place in modern design. Its structure is mosaic concrete containing fragments of multi-colored marble. Most often, it is laid on a seamless structure, so such floors look like a single whole.

Glass surfaces also do not go out of fashion, but only gain their popularity, especially in combination with natural stone. This union of natural and artificially evokes persistent associations with minimalism and futurism, and these styles are especially appreciated in modern design.


In 2021, the greatest attention will be paid to textile products, which seem to have collected all the coziness and comfort that is in the interior. Even a small knitted rug or runner will turn the most boring interior into a warm space.

Soft textures must necessarily coexist with hard, preferably wood or stone, neutral surfaces. This natural contrast will balance the interior and add the desired volume to it.

On the positive side, today's people are more conscious about the problems of ecology and preservation of the environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that underfoot in a luxurious apartment there will be not a real, but an artificial skin. And this does not mean at all that the owners cannot afford something. On the contrary, they make a tangible contribution to the ecology of our planet.


The overall interior design always determines what materials will be used for interior decoration. Based on the choice of style, it becomes easier to find a floor covering for any room.

There are no major changes in 2021, with a preference for mixed decors such as minimalism and ethnic motifs, vintage elements and functional high-tech, soft Provence and bold art deco.


If you are already tired of shades of pink that have covered all areas of design around the world with a wave, then you can relax - next year it will be replaced by natural green, which is immediately associated with nature and purity.

Bright shades, contrasting patterns and abstraction are in vogue again. Moreover, this will affect not only furniture and other interior items, but also the surface of floor coverings. Juicy compositions from pieces of marmoleum, parquet dies painted in different colors and funny rugs - all this opens up a lot of opportunities for both designers and residents.



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